Denise Hornby

Denise Hornby

Hello - I’m Miss Lazy!

Every camera club is different and has as many characters as your average Soap Opera! We could make a hilarious mini TV series following the antics of the NSPS members!

I'm the lazy one - you won’t find me going out early to capture the sunrise…or going out late for the sunset…or sitting for hours in the local hides to snap the amazing wildlife. But I do like to wander around taking photos of places - looking UP to admire the amazing architecture and looking around to capture some people and street photography.

Being lazy means I can enjoy messing about with my camera at home; trying to replicate the odd ideas I have in my head……

As well as being an eternal beginner, I'm very inconsistent. One day I think I’ve sussed the perfect exposure and the next day all of my settings are wrong, which makes me think I want to bin my DSLR and buy a pocket instamatic!!

I love being in the camera club! We are all individuals with different technical abilities, enjoy different genres of photography and have different photographic equipment, but we all have one thing in common - we share the same amazing hobby!!”